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The Cuddle Squad... a production company made up of filmmakers Jon Michael Simpson, Jeff McQuitty, and C. Bailey Werner… but it’s more than that. It’s an idea, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a brand, it’s the next best thing, it’s the next worst thing, it’s… the future and the past all wrapped into one. But most of all… it’s home.


Founded in 2011 The Cuddle Squad came together in college when working on a 48-hour documentary competition – when they needed to fill out their name for the judges, one of the members said (allegedly), “As long as it’s not something stupid like ‘The Cuddle Squad’”, and from there history was made.


What has followed is over a decade of collaborations on various projects from documentaries to sketches to commercials to narrative features. No matter the genre or style when working with this group of talented filmmakers you’ll get something hilarious and heartwarming.

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