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Comedy & Clarity: How-To Use Both in Your Brand Campaigns

Let's face it; the digital realm is like a never-ending party full of theater kids. It's terrifying.

Comedic couple screams with expressive faces of fear.

A room buzzing with chatter, songs, dance, and everyone’s trying to stand out.


Oh, remember that one commercial with "Ship My Pants"? Funny, right? But wait...what were they selling again? Pants? Shipping? And if shipping... what company?

What Was The "Ship My Pants" Ad Campaign For?

  • Target

  • UPS

  • Amazon

  • Kmart

[*Scroll Down To The Bottom for the Correct Answer]

Welcome to the age-old predicament of the unforgettable ad with the forgotten product. And here at The Cuddle Squad we've cracked the code to this conundrum! We want to show how to use both comedy AND clarity in your brand campaigns to motivate sales!

First things first: comedy. We all love a hearty chuckle, and a dash of humor can turn drab content into fab content. But, and here's the zinger... it should NEVER overshadow the brand message. Comedy should be the seasoning, not the main dish.

Now, how do we achieve this subtle balance? Simple.

  1. Identify Your Core Message: Before drafting any content, we want to have a laser-sharp focus on what you want to convey. Want to create brand awareness? Want to re-market to customer considering your product? Want to sell ergonomic office chairs? Find your anchor.

  2. Inject Relatable Humor: The best comedy resonates because it’s relatable. Picture this - an office worker does a theatrical chair-swapping dance, only to slump in the "perfect" ergonomic chair at the end. Comedy gold! (We'll still spitball it...)

  3. Brand It Like Beckham: Okay, not the soccer star, but you get the gist. Your brand logo, colors, or tagline should be weaved seamlessly into the content. Your product or brand should pop. A colorful option amongst drab backgrounds. A shining clean office chair amongst a line of shabby duds. Hit them with a memorable jingle, a BIG tag line, we hate the godforsaken Whopper song, but dammit I know that Burger King sells Whoppers. It’s like signing off on a comedic masterpiece.

  4. Test, Tweak, Triumph: Always test your content on a small audience. If they laugh but can’t recall your product, it’s back to the drawing board. And if there's not act of conversion... what're we doing here? Creativity is great but sales are what keeps creatives like us in business.

Comedic content, when done right, is memorable and effective. Don't let your brand be that dancing squirrel. Let the pros at The Cuddle Squad help you find that sweet spot between chuckles and clarity! We're a full-service production company in Austin, TX that can make scalable video for your brand and campaigns.

*[The Answer is K-Mart... and we all know what happened to them.]

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