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Lights, Camera, Comedy: How To Use Comedy in Your Video Marketing

Turning Heads with Ha-Ha's

Hello interested reader. Have you ever wondered why that video ad from a certain production company keeps popping up on your screen? Maybe it’s the Harmon Brothers' (Squatty Potty). Or The Martin Agency (They’re responsible for all the lovely Geico iterations). Or… yours truly (The Cuddle Squad).

Have you ever wondered why you find yourself sharing that promotional ad?

Free marketing?!

Late-stage capitalism?!

Why are there so many new movies about old products?! 

Never forget the failed Geico-Caveman Television show… or the hugely successful Ted-Lasso (which started as a commercial).

Ted Lasso Commercial

Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the world of comedy in video marketing, and how it can make your brand shine brighter than a (Hollywood) star. This is how to use comedy in your video marketing.

Comedy Video Marketing: Lights Up, Laughs On

Let's set the stage – you're scrolling through your social media feed, and suddenly, a video starts playing that has you giggling. That's the power of humor in video marketing! It grabs your audience's attention, takes them by surprise, and keeps them engaged. Just like a big BANG blockbuster movie opening scene: a well-executed comedy video can captivate your audience's hearts and minds. This is the awareness stage.

Laugh Your Way to Recognition

When it comes to advertising, you know the importance of storytelling. And what's more captivating than a story that makes people laugh out loud? By infusing humor into your video marketing, you're not just promoting your brand – you're creating a connection. Audiences are more likely to remember and recognize your brand if it's associated with a hearty laugh. Plus, humor builds trust, making potential clients more comfortable working with you. We have now moved from Awareness for your potential customer… to consideration. "Maybe I will check out Geico… that cheeky Gecko is  a hoot."

Balancing Act: The Comedy Formula

Hold your horses, though! While comedy is your ace in the hole, it's crucial to strike a balance. Not every punchline will land, and not every gag will resonate with your target audience. It's like orchestrating – a mix of perfect timing, relatable performers, and impeccable execution. Tailoring your comedy to match your brand's style ensures that you're using humor to enhance your message, not overshadow it. Your product should alleviate a customer's pain points, not your commercial.

At the end of the day… marketing isn’t about makin 'em laugh, it’s about gettin 'em to buy.

Lebowski Signs A Check. Comedy In Commercials

Rolling, Action, Optimizing for Success

Comedy is a great step for bringing brand awareness, creating a higher level of consideration, and leading folks to that holy grail of conversion. Like a sad clown, however, it’s crucial that you leave before you overstay your welcome (“Mommy why is Chuckles smoking a cigarette and crying in the moon bounce?”)

Here at The Cuddle Squad, we know the value of creating high-quality, subversive, and eye-catching content, but above all: we know when to shut the hell up and show the product. Creativity is a beautiful thing, but creativity doesn’t keep your return on ad spend numbers up.

Make ‘em laugh.

Sell the product.

Get out of the way!

Following along your customer's journey, it’s important to reach back out with re-marketing ads. Focus less on comedy in this targeted effort and more on why your product is superior. But... feel free to use comedy still (think back to our friendly Gecko in a banner-ad. There’s no storyline, but his face is still there: haunting us. Pleading with us. Those cold dark eyes imploring us to SAVE 15% or MORE... or else).

There you have it – the big spill on why comedy in video marketing is a show-stopper for your brand. From capturing attention and building recognition, to leaving lasting impressions, humor is your cinematic secret weapon. And here's the best part: the digital stage is yours to conquer. Using comedy as a top-of-the-funnel strategy will get the customer in the door, but it’s your product and re-marketing efforts that will hopefully win them over.

Ready to shout “Action!” on your comedy branding journey, but not sure where to start? Want to roll out videos at a scalable level, but your videographer friend isn’t quite, well… funny? Let us do the hard work of making folks laugh for you! Reach out to The Cuddle Squad for more information on how we can increase your comedic content, bring about brand awareness, and make ‘em laugh all in an economical way.

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